Aarogya sri app by Telangana Government.

Aarogya sri app by Telangana Government.

Aarogya sri app by Telangana Government.

Yet another step towards Digital India.Aarogya sri app by Telangana Government was launched under the name of ‘Aarogyasri Trust’. Seems that  T-government has taken vows to become the torch bearer of the Digital India programme .The app was launched on 6th April 2016. Just two days before the Telugu New Year “UGADI”,seems T-Government wanted to wish the people of Telangana a very happy healthy digitalTelugu new year.



KCR garu lead Telangana government is set to launch 500 apps in this year,and the  Aarogya sri app aka  ‘Aarogyasri Trust’,can be understood as a trailer of the the thrilling film.KCR garu lead government is set to revolutionize the T-Government by creating a M-governance(Mobile-governance) platform for each and every department in Telangana.With our beloved KTR garu focusing on bringing Multinational E-giants to Telangana and combined efforts of KCR garu,it wont take much time for Telangana to transform into a modern state.

The app is very simple and easy to use,the above image shows the main pages of the app.


The app comes with a main screen (pic no.1) and an adjacent screen (pic no.3) as the home screen of the app.

Picture  no.1 as can be seen provides,”Nearby hospitals,Hospitals search,Health card Details,Treatment Status,Contact Us,Aarogyasri  Helath Scheme,Employee Health Scheme,Journalist Health Scheme,Complaints” in the menu.

The app focuses mailnly on three categories :- 1)Aarogyasri  Helath Scheme, 2) Employee Health Scheme 3)Journalist Health Scheme.

The three menu’s redirect to the screen as in Pic no. 2.

Pic no.3 as mentioned before can be found adjacent to the pic no. 1 as the Home screen.

After selections in the screen no 3 are made the results screen is deisplayed as in the screen no 4.

For any of your suggestions or complaints an option can be found in the app as in screen no.5.,this results screen gives detailed information about Hospital and other things.

The app comes with a lot of FAQ’s(Frequently asked questions.) as shown in the pic below and helps a lot in clarifying almost all of your doubts.


The below is link to the app.

Click here to download the app.

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