Google CEO Sundar Pichai HACKED !!!!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai HACKED !!!!

Yes you heard it right,Google CEO Sundar Pichai HACKED !!!! recently,and the hackers had posted that on Sundar Pichai’s twitter wall.


The group that hacked Mr.Pichai’s account are calling themselves as “OurMine” who previously hacked into Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts earlier this month.

According to news sources it likely doesn’t involve system breaches of the social networks. They are not after the celebrities account but after the largest social platforms that offer public transparency. To gain attention, celebrities are targeted. OurMine has reported that they hacked by the vulnerability mentioned earlier by them but what remains mysterious is the vulnerability (not disclosed).

They have once reported that they use various exploits to pull passwords from celebrities’ browsers. To our amusement, OurMine is a “Security Firm” where it offers support to those it targets so that these incidents don’t occur again.