GRE, Graduate Record Examination

GRE, Graduate Record Examination

1.What is GRE??

Graduate Record Examination – students who were planning to study ‘Masters of Sciences’ (MS) should

attend this exam called GRE.

GRE has two sections – Verbal and Quantitative. Verbal section is also called as routing section. Based on

your performance in routing section, the test takers will be routing your Quantitative tests with in

several sections in which set of questions were fixed and differs on the average difficulty. If you get

HIGH SCORE in routing section it is very difficult to crack quantitative section set.

For Example:

Verbal Section: Moderately Difficult

Quantitative Section: Very Easy, Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Very Difficult

Not to Follow:

You cannot take as much as time you need for first few questions (the first 8-9 questions). It

depends on the level of questions. Do not follow the fake logics and loose much time on hard questions

so that you might not have time for next few easy questions.


You have to ATTEMPT ALL the questions even though you don’t have enough time to solve it and

mark correct answer. Because, an incomplete paper can cost you a loss of significant points.

How Many Types Of GRE’s are there??

There are two types:
1. GRE General Test: Verbal reasoning, quantitative ability, and analytical writing skills and this general test score will be accepted by almost all the universities and usually everyone opts for this test. General test takes place round the year and you can choose your slot according to your convenience.
2. GRE Subject Test: This test measures the achievement in particular subject area or extensive background in that discipline. Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature (English), Physics and Psychology. It is conducted on a fixed date. None of the engineers go for this.

Structure of GRE

Structure of GRE:
The computer-based General Test is composed of 3 sections:
• Verbal Reasoning (English)
• Quantitative Reasoning (Math)
• Analytical Writing sections (Essays).

Test Pattern

Test Pattern:

* Issue Task: In this sections, two essay topics will be presented and you can choose one. In this task you should usually agree and disagree with the author. There is no need to take a stand. You can state the pros and cons of the topic.
** The Argument task: In this section you do not have choice of topics; instead, one topic will be presented. In this type of essay, you should disagree with the author. As the name suggests, you should argue with the author’s views.

After finishing all the verbal and quant sections, a research section follows. This is a kind of essay writing on a topic presented to you. However, it is NOT evaluated towards the final score. Hence, a lot of people skip this section and proceed to the last part of checking their score.

NOTE: Basically, you will have two verbal sections, two quantitative sections and will contribute towards your final score. You will not be informed about which section will be taken into account and hence you must give 100% effort in all the sections.