How tough is it to ACHIEVE something great ?

How tough is it to ACHIEVE something great ?

As tough as it is to cut a coconut.

Unless and until you do it in the right way its very tough and extremely difficult!!!

If one wants to have the coconut water,he should not try cutting it with a knife,but rather break it.

One has to put the correct amount of efforts in the correct manner.



Its a myth that anything is hard or easy !!!!

If you ever try to observe you are very confident when you are prepared
for an exam,and you yourself are very nervous when half prepared.

So,if you see both confidence and nervousness are in built in you,its only
you and only you,who decides which one to extract out.

Swami Vivekananda said ”Whatever you think you will be.”.If you think you are weak,you you will be weak,if you think you are strong you will be.So,no matter what you should always think that you can do it,and you will do it.

Just be clear on what you want,and focus on it like a Laser,pour in all your efforts for your goal..

Always follow a simple principle of “Fake it,till you make it”,For example,you want to 98% in exams then think,behave,do all the things a 98% achiever would do like extreme focus,perfect planning,highly dedicated towards studies.At beginning you might not have 100% concentration but never think you have less concentration just keep on saying to yourself you have the power to concentrate,and even if you get distracted just for a second o so just resume your work without any other thoughts over a period of time you will observe that your concentration power has increased.

All the best!!