Want to Make a Million rupees in Next Year!

Want to Make a Million rupees in Next Year!

Have you traveled in local trains in Mumbai or any other metropolitan city if ‘no‘. You missed reading these lines.

Make Rs 30,000 online per month sitting at home, no investment”.

It is honest about one thing — you can definitely make good money online sitting at home. However, the investment is your time, effort, patience and persistence.



Yes, Buddy That’s True!! You can make money online unless and until you have a bit of patience.

Why do I need fucking patience?

Making few Bucks online is not a big deal. In the same end you have to wait-wait-wait and wait for your time to hit the reach. Whether your content might not be the best one but the reach, engagement makes you more money on your own ideas.

Do you think — Entrepreneurship is trending now-a-days. Everyone wants to build the next big thing. With just a simple idea. I remember during my college years, all we cared about was how do we get more money for the next date, or the next weekend party.

Let me go straight to the point. That’s true!!! You can make more money right from your collage days. As discussed your time, effort, patience and persistence as your investment.


I Suggest You These Pick One: (you can pick 2 If you love challenges!)


  • Blogging: Almost everyone has heard that you can make money with your blog. Start writing blog today. Try to write at least three-five posts about some simple niche topics every week. Write posts in which you were expert on. Remember you don’t get money for next 6months or year (If you were in india and china) Google adsense have some terms and conditions in india and china specially for blogging. Adsense wants your site to be active for at least 6 months before it will be confirmed. They have their quality and security towards their ads. At the same time, There are many tricks on internet you can just check them by googling them. Make a Facebook page and Twitter account If possible use Google contacts as mailing list subscriptions, Connect with experts and Get to know experiences. Watch TEDx talks and collect some real life experiences. (you can use them as a post also!) You can see my positions on Weekend Nights.

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  • YouTube: At this website you will never forget to skip advertisement before your favourite video songs unless until there is sunny-le’one in the advertisement. Those video advertisements which you skipped more than your questions in question paper will pay you money here.


Every time you watch video for more than 30 seconds the video channel owner gets pay. Usually for every 1000 views you will be making around 5 $ if most of your views from India. Here is a cycle which you have to follow. Have an Idea?? Execute. Upload. Take feedbacks. (go onn!) Make some “Being Indian”, “Mostly sane” kind of channels and never forget to maintain patience and persistence, Never spend money for Adsense approvals, all you need to wait for 12 months and try to post a video every 10 days.

  • TSU: What is TSU?? | How to make money?? | TSU full form??. I know these questions were dancing in your brain. TSU is a social networking website which is known to me as one of the competitors with FACEBOOK. Facebook never pays money for its users but TSU pays them. Join TSU and post content join your friends too! And start chatting with them and post images, jokes and you can post anything that is in your mind. TSU pays according to your post engagements and profile view. Your payment method starts right from your profile registration and According to your profile views and content views you get the pay.tsuThese were the only options you see at TSU. All you need to do is just sit back stay online and just browser and post some interesting contents. You can redeem your money once you reach $100 and You can also donate money to some charities in TSU communities itself. Here you can check the Analytics of your profile and posts.
  • Fiverr: Many of you might have read about Fiverr but whatever you read is correct. Take a paper write all your skills in it. Register with Fiverr and create your gig and get some work finish it and Get paid. You can also get paid by using your voice and photographic skills at Fiverr. At the same end keep in mind that you will get the pay once work done is verified by the client. Your client can give review on your work and help you to get more clients.Gigs posted by others were given below.


Hoping these will definitely help you to make money in next year.